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Magnetic resonance

Magnetic resonance is the most modern, comfortable, completely painless, and non-invasive diagnostic method of examining practically all parts of the body. The main advantage is the high resolution of the images obtained, which gives a great possibility of precise diagnosis of pathological changes in the human body.

LifeScan - Magnetna rezonanca RTG
LifeScan - Magnetna rezonanca

The Siemens Magnetom Sempra at Life Scan diagnostic center is a new MRI machine of the latest generation, with a magnetic field strength of 1.5 T, and with Siemens’ licensed software package Deep Resolve which, based on the application of artificial intelligence (AI), enables faster scanning, reduces the duration of the examination, which brings greater comfort for patients and at the same time better quality of recordings that contributes to more accurate diagnosis.

In addition to standard types of examinations of all parts of the body, the diagnostic center Life Scan, among the first in our region, also offers preventive examinations of the whole body (Whole Body MRI). The use of magnetic resonance imaging as the most precise morphological modality available for early detection of even the smallest pathological changes enables patients to receive timely therapy.

Types of examinations:

  • MRI head
  • MRI head + MR angiography
  • MRI head + MR angiography venography
  • MR TOF angiography of the arteries of the head and neck
  • C spine + MRA neck artery TOF
  • MR head + spectroscopy
  • MR pituitary gland
  • MR neck
  • MR breast
  • MR spine – one segment
  • MR spine – two segments
  • MR entire spine
  • MR abdomen
  • Abdominal MR + MRCP
  • MR abdomen + pelvis
  • MR pelvis
  • MR pelvis + LS spine
  • MR hip
  • Musculoskeletal system – one joint
  • MR enterography
  • MR colonography