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We are a diagnostic center for magnetic resonance (MRI) and diagnostic ultrasound with state-of-the-art equipment from world-leading manufacturer Siemens and renowned radiologists with decades of experience. The MRI machine Siemens Magnetom Sempra with a magnetic field strength of 1.5 Tesla is equipped with the most modern software with the possibility of using artificial intelligence (AI), which improves the quality of imaging while shortening the duration of the examination, leading to greater accuracy of imaging with better comfort for the patient. Furthermore, at our diagnostic center, you will be able to perform preventive MRI examinations of the whole body (Whole Body MRI) in order to screen a wide range of pathological changes.


The Siemens Magnetom Sempra in the Life Scan diagnostic center is a new MRI machine of the latest generation, with a magnetic field strength of 1.5 T, and with Siemens’ licensed software package Deep Resolve which, based on the application of artificial intelligence (AI), enables faster scanning, reduces the duration of the examination, leading to greater comfort for patients and at the same time better quality of recordings that contributes to more accurate diagnosis. Magnetic resonance is the most modern, comfortable, completely painless, and non-invasive diagnostic method to examine all parts of the body. The main advantage is the high resolution of the images obtained, which gives a great possibility to precisely diagnose all pathological changes in the human body. In addition to standard types of examinations of all parts of the body, the diagnostic center Life Scan, among the first in our region, offers preventive examinations of the whole body (Whole Body MRI). The use of magnetic resonance imaging as the most precise morphological modality available for early detection of even the smallest pathological changes enables patients to receive timely therapy.

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A completely non-invasive and safe method, without side effects and recorded risks. Ultrasound devices are used in all branches of medicine as affordable and widely available diagnostics. The benefit of these examinations is primarily in the speed and accuracy of the findings. Life Scan diagnostic center uses the new Siemens ACUSON Juniper device, which has 4 high-resolution ultrasound probes and enables examinations with a detailed view of internal organs with the possibility of Doppler ultrasound examinations.
This simple procedure is a reliable additional diagnostic for diseases of soft tissues, breast, thyroid gland, blood vessels, prostate, liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder and bile ducts, kidneys, urinary bladder, lymph glands and other organs.

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