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We are a diagnostic center for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound (US) with state-of-the-art equipment and renowned radiologists with decades of experience. We are the first in the region to have an MRI with artificial intelligence (AI), which improves and enables unique services in Serbia, such as an MRI examination of the whole body.

Accurate diagnosis is the fastest and surest way to recovery or preservation of health. We emphasize the importance of prevention and the importance of preventive examinations, inspiring potential clients to recognize and understand the importance of systematic, preventive examinations.


Our mission is to help in the early detection of potential health risks in our patients.

Life Scan is a specialized radiological-diagnostic center that, valuing ethics, provides timely, modern service every day, striving to be the driver of a healthy future aiming to empower people for early diagnosis and a healthy, long life for our patients.


To be recognized as an institution that provides support in the prevention and improvement of health in a modern, high-quality and professional manner.

We are motivated to provide the best conditions for diagnostics and to build long-lasting relationships full of trust between patients and doctors, who are engaged in continuous improvement and scientific research work.

Our values


Life, health and care are embedded in everything we do. Committed to clinical excellence, quality service and timely diagnosis, our purpose is to make life better, and the satisfaction of our patients is a good sign.

Individual approach

The relationship with our patients is caring and timely, we nurture an individual approach to patients, and we are fully committed to that.

Caring for the community and the common good

The well-being of people is the purpose of our business. We fulfill the needs of patients and their relatives so that they can take a step towards a future in which everyone has a chance for timely and professional treatment.

Our team

Prof. Dr Viktor Till

radiology specialist

Dr Stanko Čović

radiology specialist

Dr Nikola Boban

radiology specialist

Dr Dalibor Ilić

radiology specialist

Dr Nikola Komazec

radiology specialist

Dr Alma Brakus

radiology specialist in Ljubljana

Dr Vedran Žigić

radiology specialist

Dr Aleksandar Spasić

radiology specialist

Dr Vanja Čengija

radiology specialist and subspecialist in abdominal and neuroradiology in Oslo

Dr Goran Mitrović

radiology specialist and neuroradiology subspecialist in Munich

Dr Tijana Koković

radiology specialist

Dr Nikola Anđelić

radiology specialist

Dr Radmila Perić

radiology specialist

Dr Ivana Stojić Maričić

radiology specialist

Dr Filip Samardžić

radiology specialist


Life Scan diagnostic center spans across 230 sqm in a modernly equipped space at Futoški put 16c. Parking spaces are provided in front of the diagnostic center itself, as well as access for people with special needs. Our friendly staff will welcome you and refer you to an examination that has already been scheduled or advise you to schedule preventive or necessary diagnostics.

Radiologists with decades of experience, state-of-the-art equipment and expertise at work are the characteristics of our ordination, which rightly aspires to become a leader in Novi Sad and the wider area. Preventive scanning is a trend in the world, and Life Scan, as a supporter of healthy and good practices, introduces this way of working to our market.